About The Family (Part one: JIM)

As we enter our tenth year of business, we want to take a second to reflect on the journey and the real roots. Essentially, the “Cow” started as a simple thought. I believe the idea emerged in Jim Granger’s mind many years prior to the doors opening. A small spark ignited abruptly for Jim as he watched the Food Network.  Watching Diner’s, Drive-Ins, and Dives host Guy Fieri hop in his red hot rod and travel to small businesses around the country, Jim had a new goal. When they say shoot for the stars, they were talking to him. Winning Best Pizza in the High Desert seems like the perfect time to set the wheels in motion, by wheels I mean the ones on Guy’s hot rod. We have emailed numerous times ourselves, but we really think they’d like to hear from YOU! Share your experience and help make Jim’s dream a reality! 

You can send an email to storyideas@tripledinfo.com

Make sure to include our info:
Cross Eyed Cow Pizza

19242 National Trails HWY, 

Oro Grande, CA 

(760) 241-1987

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