Happy 5 Years!

In honor of your loyalty, Kristy, happy 5 years of making this restaurant better than ever.  

Kristy Bennet, to our customers, is the blonde front-of-house who most likely knows you by name. She always greets with a smile and ensures you’ll leave having been taken care of. She is good at what she does because of her ability to meet the needs of those around her. Kristy is absolutely crucial to the success of our team.  Not only because of her skills and experience but because of the family-like friendships she has built with each and every one of us. She is truly our leader, who leads by example.  

She doesn’t just come to work and do her job, she does much more. She comes in early and stays late. She checks on her team and offers advice. She builds friendships with customers. She picks up the slack. She is a problem solver and a team player. She chooses to see, and helps others see, the positive side of things. She is fun, honest, and hardworking. More important than explaining all of her responsibilities, we would love to share the thoughts our Cow Team had to say about her. 

“I think the most important thing I could say is, if it weren’t for her I don’t think I could do this and keep my Design Business or my sanity. She is truly a valued asset to my business. I know I can count on her anytime! I feel as if she is part of my family.” – Donna (owner) 

“Kristy is a “CAN DO” person” Jim (owner)

“I would like to personally thank Kristy for basically becoming a member of my family. She has helped my parents so much over the course of these years that she is not only appreciated and important, but she is a member of my family. She works so hard and communicates so well with my mom and dad. It’s amazing and I really appreciate everything that she does.” – Grace 

“My family started coming to The Cow around 4 years ago. The pizza is THE very best and Kristy made our experience THE VERY BEST!!! My family loves her. She’s the most wonderful and beautiful woman I know!! I love you Kristy.”  – Cheri 

“Kristy is the kind of team leader/coworker that makes it easy for me to come to work. I really enjoy working with her. She knows her stuff and she’s fun to be around. She’s an all-around awesome lady!” – Cindy 

“Kristy is a pimp and makes me feel like family at the cow. Love that gal.” – Jacob

“I work 4 of the 7 days a week with Kristy and even though I am scheduled with her every week, I still wake up looking forward to my shift with her. Not only does Kristy help keep general management of the restaurant, but she has gone above and beyond her duties multiple times to help lessen the stress in the kitchen. I have grown to have a relationship with Kristy not only at work, but also in my outside life. She comes from the best of her heart and I am glad to have made a friend through the Cow. Kristy makes a difference to my day and my life. I love her.” – Clarissa 

“Kristy is my mom and I love her life.”  – Monae 

“Kristy is an amazing and wonderful human being. You know that she has genuine intentions and she loves to be a mother figure and guide her youngins in the right direction. Whether it’s getting on our head about fixing our problems or supporting us emotionally, she’s always there, always solid. She truly has a big heart. She’s a bit intimidating at first but once you really get to know her she’s a softy that has nothing but love to give. Love you Kristy.”  – Austin 

“Kristy is rarely seen without a smile on her face. She can laugh at her problems or the, at times, ridiculousness of life. That’s why I love her so much – she is able to lighten the air with her optimism. She was first a friend, then a coworker, and now someone who I think will always be a part of my life. Kristy, thank you for being so solid for this restaurant. You make this work better for everyone. You are someone I am always happy to see and be around. Thank you for cheering me on throughout life. You really make a difference. We are blessed to know you and get to love you.” – Hannah 

Kristy, you are loved and respected. Here is to many more years of growth, prosperity, and friendship.

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