The Experience That Pizza Creates

The Cross Eyed Cow Pizza offers more than just great food. Sure, we offer a large and specialized menu full of crowd-pleasing favorites (btw if you have not been in recently, we have a brand new menu that is a must-see). Our menu offers salads and subs that you just can’t make at home. Our drink menu is loaded with unique and delicious specialty sodas and a pretty good collection of beers. The food will probably keep you coming back, but beyond taste, this restaurant offers an experience for visitors. 

Part of the experience of visiting comes from the fact that we are found right off of Historical Route 66 in a small town called Oro Grande. This Highway is famous and historical and part of what makes us so unique. Passing by Oro Grande, one would probably never expect to find a place like “the Cow”. Yet here we are, serving up greatness for nearly 9 years.

Inside the restaurant, we offer character. From the wall décor to the outdoor visual attractions, we offer a visual…personality perhaps that refuses to be ignored. It’s just fun to look at. 

Beyond that, we offer entertainment in the summertime comprised of all sorts of solo artists and bands. These artists are chosen specifically with our customer’s likes in mind. One thing we are committed to is supporting our local talent. Guaranteed, these artists are all residents of San Bernardino. We believe in that sort of thing – supporting local.

We have a team of teens, young adults, and seasoned employees that all add so much value. We believe in diversity. This is more of a family than a team. We can’t and wouldn’t want to do it without one another. This place builds friendships and memories. 

Our customers are loyal and invaluable. They are the reason we do what we do. 

Sometimes we say “it’s just pizza” during a rush (like, let’s not take this too seriously), but really it’s more than that. The Cross Eyed Cow Pizza Restaurant is lunch and dinner and sometimes a late snack. It’s a good feeling. Its satisfaction. It is your family’s night out. It’s your child’s favorite meal. It’s where you go to enjoy a beer and good company. The Cross Eyed Cow is someone’s first job. It supports families. It gives others something productive to do. It is laughs and time spent with people you want to be around. It’s somewhere you choose to go and choose to keep coming back to. 

So, its not just pizza. It’s the experience that pizza creates. And that, that is worth working hard for.  

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