A Happy Cow

We are all about the tastiest ingredients, sourced from the best places possible. So, when you ask us where we get our cheese, we will answer with, ” the best place possible – Wisconsin”.

In November of 2020, we decided to upgrade the cheese we use. We wanted something that tasted even better, melted evenly, and was fresher. We chose to upgrade to the high-quality Grande Brand Mozzarella cheese from Wisconsin. It has no additives, no fillers, and nothing artificial. That’s what we call fresh.

Did you know that cows prefer cool temperatures? The best place to source milk from would be a happy cow, right? Wisconsin + cold temperatures + happy cows + good milk = the best cheese possible. But seriously, Wisconsin holds more licensed cheesemakers than any other state and has some of the most stringent standards for cheese making. They are serious about what they are known for – cheese. The drive to deliver the best tasting cheese combined with a legal obligation to overall dairy quality allows the Grande Brand to provide us, thus provide you, with mouth-watering flavors. Like Wisconsin, we are serious about what we are known for – pizza.

Support happy cows. Support Wisconsin. Support your local pizza restaurant.

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